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WOMEN in CONSTRUCTION - Metronomic is Leading the Movement

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

In conjunction with National Women's History Month and National Women in Construction Week Metronomic is thrilled to announce the LA ELAINA Ground Breaking Event slated for March 7, 2019. We plan to make history as the first Metronomic all-female construction crew (in Miami) from beginning to end. Event details are Coming Soon.

That's right! LA ELAINA will be Miami's first ALL FEMALE CONSTRUCTION CREW. View Full Details here in the PRESS RELEASE.

As members of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) we have been communicating with several of our colleagues to create the perfect female team and although this may not be an easy task in a predominantly male industry, we’re committed to supporting the women in construction movement. We know that as a team (especially all women) anything is possible.

View the trailer for HARD HATTED WOMAN documentary below. This is the first theatrical-length documentary film to tell the story of women who are breaking down gender barriers in the blue-collar construction trades. The film will go on to tour at festivals and have nationwide community screenings, as it builds a strong outreach campaign to support visibility, recruitment, and positive change for women in the industry.

La Elaina - slated to break ground on Mar 7, 2019 - is a Metronomic development in Little Havana, Miami, FL constructed entirely by a Metronomic female construction team. La Elaina is uniquely designed for extended family living to accommodate in-laws, elderly relatives, recent arrivals from foreign countries, families with special needs children or relatives that require special live-in care. Metronomic is bringing this concept FROM VISION TO REALITY in Little Havana, Miami, FL. .

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