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The Four Essential Elements of Sustainable Development

As a real estate development company we are often asked: What does it mean to be sustainable developers? Sustainability is not just a buzzword, it's a commitment to what matters most and a standard that supports our current needs along with the needs of the future. Sustainability is Metronomic's business model and legacy. It is our commitment to building community environments that nurture human potential, facilitating lifestyles which contribute to global sustainability, intelligent and responsible land use, and profits (but not at the expense of the people).

1. COMMUNITY: creating community environments that nurture human potential.

Our core values are centered on social and economic improvement, community development, and local collaboration that exemplify industry standards for quality design, planning, and construction. Even the smallest infill projects are centered on the needs of residents, promoting social and economic growth for urban areas, inclusiveness and convenience. We build and develop workforce affordable rental housing, luxury and mid-tier single family homes, and hospitality and commercial properties to ensure a stable tax base for our communities. This tax base allows communities to maintain green space, invest in infrastructure and maintenance, facilitate cultural enrichment opportunities, provide security for their citizens and all of the other services communities need and want. A stable tax basis, variety of uses in the built landscape, quality modern construction and engaged citizens help communities prosper and become great places to live, work, exercise, shop, entertain, be young, raise families, grow old and have fun. At Metronomic we are proud to contribute to the stability of our communities, communities that work.

At the same time, we know that a diverse population enhances the places we live. That’s why we also build lower income housing and people who work in the area can live in the area and mid-life and older people wishing to downsize don’t have to abandon the areas they know and love. Additionally, we are one of the few developers who have recognized the need for inter-generational extended living housing so our elders can have both their independence and their families, help with childcare and be cared for. This enables families to make the best choices for them and not be pigeon holed into lifestyles that they don’t prefer because of a lack of housing that accommodates their preference. The sandwich generation has a new ally: the sustainable developer.

2. LIFESTYLE: facilitating lifestyles that contribute to global sustainability.

Sustainable development strives to be pedestrian-friendly and transportation-oriented, provides open "green" areas, parks and plazas for residents, visitors, and business community while incorporating modern-day construction and transportation technologies that improve environments. Multiple use development contributes to less traffic, less pollution and less stress for residents.

Another major way in which Metronomic is contributing to the health of the communities it serves by including landing pads for passenger drones such as the ones being tested by Uber in California which alleviate pollution and congestion while providing better, faster, cleaner transportation for commuters using the latest technology.

3. LAND USE: using land and resources wisely.

Sustainable development supports localization and convenience of residential living, work, entertainment, art, culture, and shopping, all within the same area. This reduces the need for long commutes to work, shopping, entertainment or even visiting loved ones which in turn contributes to air quality and a reduction of the stress and hundreds of lost hours driving in traffic causes.

Besides generational and economic diversity, sustainable healthy communities benefit from healthy spaces. Metronomic contributes to such health in several ways. We like to design and build the present and the future. Whenever possible, we incorporate green space into designs to allow for recreation and air cleaning greenery. Our founder and president, Ricky Trinidad, suffered from childhood asthma, so he is acutely aware that any improvement in air quality means an improvement in residents’ health and quality of life. Additionally, research has shown that “spending time around trees and looking at trees reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and improves mood. Numerous studies show that simply sitting looking at trees reduces blood pressure as well as the stress-related hormones cortisol and adrenaline.” ( › lands). This is why incorporating green space and making the most of the built footprint of every single construction is so important.

4. PROFITABLE, not profit driven.

Because sustainable development prioritizes urban development with a conscience, we know we are investing in the future of our communities and we communicate this to all of our stakeholders, from laborers to investors and lenders. We find that focusing on what matters most provides the best return on investment, both financially and in the satisfaction of the results. It also cultivates good will in the community, who see their quality of life increase. Profits are important, but not at the cost of the community. While profits are essential and allow us to continue working and investing, there is a way to be both profitable and sustainable…

At Metronomic we believe in sustainable development because we live it. We build sustainable communities because we build the present and the future in the neighborhoods we live in. Our commitment to what matters most is reflected in our sustainable model of development.

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