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What Makes Miami’s Real Estate Market Profitable?

Wondering where to invest in real estate?

We’ve got you covered.

Investing in Miami’s real estate and developing its neighborhoods has an especially high potential given that over 70% of city residents are renters, but only 56% of current housing is rental, thereby creating huge upwards pressure on demand for rental units. On top of that, a large portion of the existing housing stock is reaching replacement age, with 50% having been built before 1970. In fact, considering the exposure to humidity, rain, and tropical weather that Miami withstands, most housing is very much past its expiration date. Put together the urgent demand for rental housing with the lack of said housing plus the age of Miami’s housing stock and it is obviously one of the ripest markets for development of rental housing and making money - the future of real estate.

Miami real estate is trending as one of the best places to invest, especially now, and the MetroCapital Fund makes it easily accessible to do so using its FinTech online crowdfunding platform. With a minimum investment of only $50,000, MetroCapital Fund is one of the easiest ways to invest in real estate for accredited US investors. Visit for more information.

MetroCapital Fund is a Regulation D dedicated crowdfunding real estate investment platform which raises capital exclusively for Metronomic, a sustainable real estate development company based in Miami, Florida, whose mission is to enhance the economy and communities it serves. Metronomic’s model of development sustains any economic cycle due to their focus on small- to medium-size rental buildings that cater primarily to average-income Americans - the largest market in the U.S.

With MetroCapital Fund’s transparent crowdfunding site, even small investments can bear great fruit with Miami’s real estate forecasts expecting to rise. With MetroCapital Fund’s crowdfunding real estate investing, projects are more rapidly funded and completed and therefore investors see their return on their real estate investment sooner. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or looking to get started investing in real estate, MetroCapital Fund real estate crowdfunding site makes it seamless, painless and profitable to invest in Florida real estate.

In the wake of the current unfortunate COVID19 health emergency it is likely that there will be an increasing need and growing demand for additional middle market rental housing in the coming months. Those seeking average rental prices will wish to stay in neighborhoods they know and love and where they often have friends, family, school and work relationships. This is a unique time that presents an equally unique opportunity to invest in Miami real estate trends and an underserved market which improves communities and peoples’ lives.

Metronomic will stand ready and able to meet that demand for new urban rental housing thanks to raising of capital through its crowdsourcing funding site, MetroCapital Fund and the online real estate investment opportunities it offers accredited investors to benefit from the up and coming Florida rental market boom.

For more information on projects still open to investors, please contact and visit to view details.

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