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MetroCapital Fund - An Innovative Real Estate Investment Opportunity

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Metronomic announces its exclusive capital raising FinTech (financial technology) platform - the future of real estate investment.

There are points of economic light and hope even amid unprecedented times. The launch of MetroCapital Fund is one such light. A Regulation D investment platform, MetroCapital Fund is the brainchild of Ricky Trinidad, President of Metronomic, a sustainable real estate development company based in Miami, Florida.

The fund, with a minimum investment of US$50,000 per investor, averages annualized returns of 16% over a minimum 12-month holding period, and it allows accredited investors to gain access to strong urban U.S. markets and participate in high-demand opportunities.

MetroCapital Fund is an exclusive capital raising platform for U.S. development company, Metronomic. The fund provides attractive returns with low risk due to Metronomic’s proven model that creates new middle-income rental infill projects within strong urban areas of the U.S.

“Our Model is simple,” Mr. Trinidad says, “we are reliable, transparent, and profitable; and we’re committed to our mission of transforming communities by enhancing the quality of life in the neighborhoods we serve. This is true “impact investing”, which is both profitable and beneficial to society. Our projects are often profitable in any economic cycle due to our focus on small- to medium-size rental buildings that cater primarily to average-income Americans - the largest market in the U.S. We enhance the economy, the communities, and the lives of families in the areas we serve. MetroCapital Fund is more than a profitable investment opportunity. It’s also a mission to enhance communities.”

To view open investment opportunities visit our seamless and secure online portal at


Bin Hao, an experienced real estate financier and investor, has raised over 40 million for Metronomic projects since 2015. “I have personally invested in Metronomic because I believe in their vision and sustainable development model. They’ve implemented an excellent system to deploy projects with a dedicated team of professionals. My investors and I appreciate the transparency and financial model (complete, stabilize, and refinance) that enables investor payoff. They don’t rely on condo sales, but on simple refinancing to pay off investors. This gives us certainty and confidence regardless of market changes. It’s a solid model that we will continue to invest in.”

Mr. Hao has been instrumental in the development of MetroCapital Fund’s online investment platform and strongly encourages investors to diversify their investment portfolio by becoming a part of MetroCapital Fund, especially during their initial offering, as future opportunities will prioritize launch investors before opening them to the general public. “I’m certain you will be as impressed as I am with how MetroCapital Fund can help you to achieve your financial goals,” states Mr. Hao.


Ricky Trinidad, MUPP President provides leadership and direction for all facets of the company's operations and entire development process from beginning to end. He emphasizes, “the fund is an open and limited invitation for like-minded and like-hearted investors from all over the world to join our team, take part and benefit from the exciting and profitable new constructions projects we are developing.”

Stylianos Vayanos, MBA, Ph.D, Ph.D, Chief Development Officer at Metronomic, has a 20+ year career in South Florida real estate. He currently oversees development of 33 Metronomic- owned projects in multiple U.S. markets, including three South Florida markets, and the Greater Chicago Crystal Lake, IL area. “Metronomic projects are profitable within most urban markets because there’s always a need to improve middle-income rental living. I’m excited about the scalability and profitability of the Metronomic development and financial model”, stated Mr. Vayanos.

Caetano Lopes, Chief Financial Officer at Metronomic is also a civil engineer with a comprehensive background as a financial executive for multiple construction companies.

Mr. Lopes explains that, “Our current projects average 8% prepaid return distributed quarterly to investors with an additional 8% which accrues and is paid at maturity. This distribution pattern saves investors from having to wait the entire period in order to receive a lump sum at the end.”

Laszlo Fazekas is Chief Construction Officer at Metronomic with an extensive project portfolio and over 25 years experience in the construction industry. “I especially take pride in our focus on quality workmanship and service excellence.” Mr. Fazekas says. “We use only value engineered methods of design and construction that are safer, faster and more cost effective. This makes us stand-out above the rest in this highly competitive market.”

Ashley Hernandez is the Financial Manager for MetroCapital Fund. She has seven years of crowdfunding experience with real estate FinTech platforms and will be the point of contact for all interested investors. “I’ll be creating a short tutorial video on how to use the site,” say’s Ms. Hernandez, “and, will look forward to welcoming you into our family of investors,”

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