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Acquisition of GRAND PLAZA Phase One

We are THRILLED to announce the acquisition of Phase One of our Grand Plaza project.

GRAND PLAZA is a Sustainable, Well Balanced, Environmentally Conscious, Community Focused, and Technology Driven new Development in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida. VISIT or View Project Video HERE

Grand Plaza Phase One will consist of multiple new buildings; comprising of 50 affordable housing units, 20 deluxe apartments, 11,000 sq. ft. of ground floor retail, and underground residential and public parking. The Grand Plaza development, as planned by President of Metronomic, Ricky Trinidad (MUPP), will “extend the vibrancy of a beautiful and historic corridor that connects Miami’s City Hall at the waterfront only blocks away, through the business and entertainment district of Coconut Grove with the City of Coral Gables, also only blocks away. Grand Plaza is the centerpiece of this important connection.”

Architectural designs for Grand Plaza Phase One have been completed by Burgos Lanza Architects. Metronomic will commence the construction permitting process very soon. 

Metronomic will be hosting a groundbreaking event in June 2019 to celebrate the start of the project and showcase their vision to the community. “Grand Plaza will be a community-oriented, technology-driven, sustainable and innovative development that will create a significant positive social and economic impact on the community of Coconut Grove,” said Ricky Trinidad, President of Metronomic. “And, as a mission-oriented company we are committed to creating a well-balanced and thriving corridor along Grand Ave for all its residence to enjoy.”

For more information visit Completion of Grand Plaza is estimated to take place within 24 months of the construction start date.

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