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BISNOW Article on Passenger Drones in Miami Features Metronomic

ARTICLE EXCERPT: Ricky Trinidad, president of Metronomic, has a plan to redevelop a strip of Grand Avenue in Coconut Grove that includes landing pads atop a five-story building.

"We will facilitate landing pads for passenger drones with access easements to public ways so that the public can use our buildings to land on our rooftops and easily access the sidewalk," Trinidad told Bisnow. "We plan to purchase our own drones to facilitate transportation for our tenants and hotel guests." 

He thinks it will be up to big-box stores to put landing pads on their buildings as well, which will help move people around and facilitate commerce. 

MarketWatch cautioned that such grandiose early plans by builders could be a marketing ploy, but also noted that Airbus, Boeing, Volocopter and Uber have all invested millions in developing automated, flying vehicles.

Trinidad — who believes that the industry will take off in two to five years, the time frame within which FAA regulations are expected — has already picked out his favorite drone models: Ehang 184, Volocopter, Lillium Jet, Boeing PAV, Airbus Vahana, EmbraerX, Airbus CityAirbus, Terrafugia TFX and Workhorse SureFly. >>>READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

VISIT What is Grand Plaza and learn more about our plans! Or visit this link to learn more about Passenger Drones.

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