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Metronomic Passenger Drones Overview


Passenger drones have proven to be a new and safe form of transportation, a time-saving solution for traffic congestion, and a way to reduce hazardous emissions and pollution.  Several passenger drones are now approved and currently flying in Germany, Dubai and China; And a few models are now in the process of achieving FAA approvals to fly in the US. 

Passenger drones with state-of-the-art technologies are quiet, safe, and environmentally “clean” because they're fully electric and don't emit pollutants or hazardous gases like cars.  They automatically avoid obstacles and can be programmed to take-off, fly and land precisely every time.  An important benefit of passenger drones as personal transportation vehicles in our cities is that they don't require expensive infrastructure improvements such as streets, highways, rail systems, tunnels, street lighting and such. Instead, they can safely take advantage of the unobtrusive non-commercial air space between 400’ and 500’ in the sky and utilize an unseen digital network as a reliable infrastructure to effectively avoid collision with other passenger drones and any obstacles to ensure a safe flight path with every flight.  

Metronomic is an advocate of passenger drones as advancement and enhancement to modern day urban and suburban transportation.  Metronomic is teaming with leading global passenger drone companies to make Metronomic buildings more transportation-friendly and more convenient places to live for our tenants, and help alleviate traffic congestion in our great city of Miami and other cities of the United States. 


Advantages of Passenger Drones


  • Improve Transportation Efficiencies – Passenger drones will enable people to move throughout populated areas more safely, faster and more efficiently than current automobile and rail transportation systems.


  • Environmentally clean – Near-zero emissions will reduce city pollution from vehicles.


  • Reduce traffic congestion – Traffic jams, automobile accidents, and inefficient transportation flow has been an unsolved and growing problem in large and growing cities for many years.  Daily transportation of people in inner cities and between city and suburbs is a growing problem. Passenger drones will significantly enhance the efficiency of transportation without the need for major physical infrastructure improvements.


  • Reduce traffic accidents – Reduction of automobile traffic congestion will cause a reduction in traffic accidents, especially in dense urban areas.


  • Emergency use – Passenger drones can be used to access areas that emergency vehicles and helicopters cannot access for emergency and rescue purposes.

  • Noise reduction – 90% of the travel time of passenger drones is in a space far beyond street level, and most passenger drones will take-off from roof-tops at levels beyond audible levels in populated areas.  This will reduce the noise of passing vehicles at street levels.


  • Safer transportation – Obstacle avoidance and network technologies to ensure that passenger drones identify the exact location of other passenger drones and obstacles at all times, and avoid colliding into each other and obstacles.  Advanced fail-safe technologies ensure safe flights prior to take-off, and multi-rotor systems ensure the drone flies and lands safely at all times, even if one or several rotors were to fail.


Passenger Drone Examples


Ehang 184 – Currently flying in Dubai and China


Volocopter - Currently flying in Dubai and Germany


CityAirbus – Getting approvals in California and London 


The Lilium Jet – Passenger Drone/Jet


SureFly - Ohio, USA – Recently achieved FAA approvals


Uber – Passenger drones


The Miami World Center – Passenger drones


Forbes – Passenger Drones


Miami-Dade Mayor – Passenger Drone Support

In This Video You'll See
Actual Passenger Drones Flying
The Future is NOW.
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