2537 SW 10th Street 
Miami, FL 33135

La  Elaina Dos Apartments is a new Multi-Family development in Little Havana, Miami,  FL.


Metronomic recognizes the strong need for “extended-family  living” in Little Havana. La Elaina offers separate living environments within the home, with private living areas for extended family members, caregivers, roommates and other supportive members of the family.


La Elaina is designed uniquely for larger families, and for families

that have a need for extended family members or a support system to reside within the home of the primary tenant, such as in-laws, elderly relatives, recent arrivals from foreign countries, and such. It is also suitable for families with special-needs children or relatives that require the special care of a live-in nurse, nanny or caregiver to live in the home, providing separate rooms for treatment and care. The first floor can provide accessibility options for such needs.


Metronomic will expand the La Elaina duplex “extended-  family lifestyle” model throughout the community of Little Havana and similar communities of Miami where the need for extended family living is  strong. Stay tuned for numerous La Elaina Dos Apartments that are currently in the pre-development stages throughout Little Havana.

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